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Science Projects
The Science Project Program is the most comprehensive nonproliferation activity conducted by the ISTC. Through this program, the ISTC solicits scientific project proposals from institutes throughout the CIS and provides funding and logistic support to project teams.
The Partner Program provides opportunities for private industry, scientific institutions, and other governmental or non-governmental organizations to fund research at CIS institutions via the ISTC.
Programmatic approach
ISTC's activities are divided into 6 fields of expertise: 1-Counter Terrorism and Global Security 2- Biotechnology, Public Health and Agriculture 3-Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Safety 4-Environmental Remediation and Climate Change Mitigation 5-Renewable and Environmental Friendly Energy Technologies (Non nuclear energy technologies) 6-High Energy Physics based on Advanced Accelerator Technology (also called Particle Physics).
The ISTC administers numerous supporting programs which strengthen hundreds of ISTC projects and support the integration of weapons scientists into the international community.