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Recognizing the importance of the ISTC goals and mission specified in the ISTC Agreement, the Republic of Armenia acceded to the ISTC Agreement on September 14, 1994. RA National Assembly ratified the agreement on accession to the ISTC on November 18, 1997.
In 1995 Armenian Information and Coordination Office of the ISTC was set up in Yerevan Physics Institute (YerPhI) in accordance with the agreement between the ISTC Secretariat and YerPhI.

According to the obligations arising from accession of the Republic of Armenia to the ISTC Agreement, and with the purpose of broader involvement of scientists and experts from Armenia in preparation and implementation of the ISTC projects, the Government of the Republic of Armenia and International Science and Technology Center have agreed upon creation, conditions of stay and support of functioning in Republic Armenia of Armenian Branch Office of the ISTC (ABO). RA National Assembly also ratified this agreement on June 15, 1998.

As of today, 91 projects from Armenia have received funding totaling to $16.9 million. Among basic directions of R&D activities in the funded projects are: Physics, Materials, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Ecology.

About 170 new projects submitted from Armenia are now at different stages of processing at the ISTC. New Armenian projects expand topics of researches to problems of medicine, new materials, nanotechnology, information technology, etc.


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