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The Republic of Belarus acceded to the ISTC Agreement at the end of 1994. In March 1995 implementation of the first Belarus project ISTC ¹ B-003 was launched. In May of the same year Minsk was visited by the ISTC delegation. The members of the delegation came to conclusion that there is huge potential for realization of future projects of the Center in the Republic of Belarus. In June 1996 the agreement on opening of Belarus Branch Office (BBO) was signed between the Government of Belarus and the ISTC.

Since March 2002 for the period of one year Belarus had taken a rotating place in the ISTC Governing Board - supervising body of the Center. Acad. P. A. Vitjaz, First Vice-President of National Academy of Science (NANB) represented the interests of the Republic of Belarus in the Governing Board. N. S. Kazak, Director, NANB Institute of Physics and T. G. Goutseva, Adviser, Embassy of Belarus in the Russian Federation, are the members of the ISTC Coordinating Committee representing the Republic of Belarus.

Throughout ISTC activity at the territory of Belarus over 160 project proposals have been submitted for consideration by ISTC Funding Parties. As of August 2003, 60 projects involving various Belarus institutions were approved for funding. Prominent feature of participation of Belarusan experts in the ISTC programs and projects is appreciable integration with their Russian colleagues: Russian institutes are lead institutes in 7 out of 60 Belarusan projects. Three more are joint Belarus -Russia projects. The total amount of project funding to Belarus institutions has exceeded $24 million.

Scientific interests - preferences of the Belarus scientists are presented mainly in four approximately equal (in terms of quantity of the submitted project proposals) areas of technology: Biotechnology, Ecology, Physics, Information and communication. Materials can be specified as another technology area of their interest.

Five out of 60 projects are Partner projects. In all these projects Belarus organizations are lead institutions. The total amount of financing of the given category of projects has amounted to $1 million. Geography of Partners is vast: Germany, Great Britain, the USA, etc.

Two NANB institutes: Institute of Physics (14 projects) and Joint Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research - Sosny (7 projects) are the most active participants as the lead institutions of the ISTC projects. As of departmental subordination, the lead institutions are mainly represented by two agencies: NANB (62 %) and the Belarus Ministry of Education (13 %). All lead institutions are in Minsk.

In 2002 the ISTC Governing Board approved introduction of the program of creation of International Science Laboratories (ISL). Now NANB Institute of Physics and the German Partner - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) conduct organizational work and coordinate the program activities to set up of one of the first ISLs.

In 2002 the Belarus Regional Training Center financially supported by the ISTC started its operations in Belarus on the basis of the Institute of Privatization and Management (Minsk). ISTC has already organized and held two weekly seminars for the ISTC project managers and participants: «IPR Management» and «Marketing in Research and Innovative Activity». Regular activities of the Training Center are planned to meet the requirement of the Belarusan participants of ISTC projects and programs.


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