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The Republic of Georgia acceded the ISTC Agreement in May 1994.

Presently, Dr. Levan Japaridze, Head of the Department of Science & Technology / Ministry of Economy, and Dr. Walter Kashia, Director of Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, present the interests of Georga in the ISTC Coordination Committee.

As of August 2003, ISTC Secretariat registered 320 project proposals from Georgian scientific teams. 93 projects are approved for funding for the total amount of $ 16 million.

ISTC funds projects with participation of Georgian scientists in such areas as biotechnology, material science, fission reactors, etc. Georgian scientists use framework of the ISTC Science Projects Program to solve problems of global and national significance. The project studying wind energy potential and its distribution in Georgia can serve as an example of solving such problems.electric wheel chair