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Commercialization Support Group
ISTC Commercialization Support Group is designed to act as the interface between the business world and Russian and CIS innovation. It is able to offer the international business community a unique service due to ISTC’s international Agreement which aims to redirect the work of scientists previously engaged in weapons development toward peaceful scientific and sustainable commercial activity.
Environmental Training Initiative
The objective of this initiative is to train and support ISTC beneficiary experts to become technical environmental consultants to meet the growing demand for local environmental expertise.
Communication Support
improves the telecommunication infrastructure of institutes where current capabilities inhibit the successful accomplishment of ISTC work and the development of commercial opportunities.
Patenting Support
provides financial support to CIS institutes to pay costs associated with the initial stages of patenting.
Workshops and Seminars
ISTC regularly organizes workshops and seminars to highlight technologies and topics of global significance, and to facilitate the development of project proposals and the inclusion of Partners and Collaborators in the ISTC activities.