Modeling Nuclear Accidents

General Information  

Full Title
Theoretical and numerical models of severe nuclear reactor accidents due to inadvertent reactivity insertion and calculation of the radioactive pollution source parameters.

Tech Area / Field
  • FIR-NSS: Fission Reactors / Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding

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 Project completed

Senior Project Manager
Kondratenkov Yu B

Project Officer/Assistant
Pobedimskaya D D

Leading Institute

  • CEA / IPSN (Institut de Protection et Sûreté Nucléaire)
  • Cornell University / Institute for the Study of Continents
  • Los-Alamos National Laboratory
  • California Institute of Technology / Seismological Laboratory
  • Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt / Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik
  • International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA)

Project Summary  

The purpose of the presumed research is to create the calculation methods and software packages for the computer simulation of reactivity Initiated accidents (Chernobyl type), to develop an Information system of prompt forecasting of mechanical and radia-tive consequences of such accidents and to propose practical re-commendations on the reactor safety Improvement.

The proposed research Includes the following stages:

1. The description of fission product and actinides accumulation and the radiative characteristics of irradiated nuclear fuel.

2. The development of physical and mathematical model of fuel rods disintegration depending on the neutron pulse parameters.

3. The development of mathematical models of fuel dispersion with regard to a real design of fuel rod assemblies.

4. The description of hot fuel particles-coolant interaction and the simulation of wave processes in the reactor core and in the primary circuit.

5. The calculation of the character of the reactor core and vessel destruction, and the determination of the amount and size distribution of the released fuel.

6. The calculation of the consequent release of radioactive products from the core with the account of the character and degree of its destruction.

7. The elaboration of an information system for a prompt forecasting of the accident consequences for the basic reactor types. The proposed software package would allow to simulate the development of accidents on operating reactors and those under design.

According to the ISTC objectives, the proposed project is connected with the nuclear power industry safety and environmental protection. The most participants of the project were concerned with the applied research in the fields of nuclear explosions, creation of physical models of processes occurring during volume explosion. So this project would promote the re-orientation of skilled scientists to a peaceful activity.