Electronics of Organic Materials

General Information  

Full Title
Electronics of organic materials.

Tech Area / Field
  • CHE-SYN: Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

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 Project completed

Senior Project Manager
Bugaev D V

Leading Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences / Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics

Supporting institutes

  • Universität Iena
  • Kabelwerk Eupen
  • Rochester University
  • Max-Plank-Institut für Polymerforschung
  • Napier University
  • University of Tokyo

Project Summary  

To meet the ISTC objectives, it is proposed within the bounds of the present project to organize a regional Nuclear Physical centre of radiation technologies on the base of the electrotechnical equipment (electron accelerators, laser devices, SHF-generators, high pressure presses etc.), buildings and constructions, previously created at YerPhI within the limits of a defence program;
- Radiation Physical Centre (RPhC) with total area 1500 m2, including Laboratory premises with total area about 1000 m2;
- Linear Accelerators of Electrons; LAE-5 and LAE-10 — energy of accelerated electrons — 5 and 10 MeV, average current 750 mA, LAE-30 - energy of accelerated electrons — 5-30 MeV, average current 1500 mA — at the final stage of the construction;
- Six Klystron Stations - average power output of each — 20 kW (pulsed 20 mw);
- High pressure installations;
- CO2 -laser — pulse energy 1 J.

The objective of the Project is utilization of the special equipment existing at RPhC of YerPhI to fundamental and applied research and development by use penetrating and Super High Frequency (SHF-) radiation sources;

1. Research of interaction at the nuclear level; for optimization of methods and devices of activation analysis and methods for producing radioisotopes;

2. Research of ionization effects on the atomic level for optimization of methods of X-ray emission analysis of materials;

3. Research of effects on the molecular level for the optimization of the methods of radiation-chemical processing (radiation modification of polymers; polymerization; grafted polymerization);

4. Research of radiation-biological processes; radiation steri1ization of medical tools, medical remedies and materials for plastic operations;

5. Research of a possibility of synthesis and modification of diamond, Super Hard Materials and crystals by using of electron-, laser- and SHF-radiations; research of a possibility of producing diamond epitaxial films by means of ioniс irradiation and sputtering;

6. Works, connected with certification of crystals establishing of a physical-chemical laboratory;

7. Research of radiation-stimulated processes in oxidized materials;

8. Research of SHF-treatment of materials.

As the result of realization of the present proposal the following problems will be solved:
— Reorientation of the еxisting special RPhC Center with his high quality team of specialists to solving scientific and high-technology problems;
— Supporting fundamental and applied research and technological engineering for peaceful purposes;
— Further integration of scientists and engineers employed in the sphere of armament into international association of scientists.

The regional scientific research facility for radiation technology is foreseen for perspective and wi11 continue functioning later on.

In the course and after fulfillment of the Project the scientific and technical collaboration with the international centers (in the first instance with Russia and Near East countries) is intended. Such a cooperation may be carried out by the direct participation in the establishment and the exploration of the RPhC as well as by the commercial operations of common profit.