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3219.2 - Tuberculosis Pathogen of Human and Animals
The Molecular-Genetic Polymorphism of Tuberculosis Pathogen of Human, Cattle, Pigs And Poultry and Studying of Channels of Infection in Live Farming
Agriculture / Disease Surveillance

3262 - Polyfiber Infrared Systems
Combinatorics, Research and Development of Multifunctional Polyfiber Infrared Systems for Delivery and Processing Molecular and Thermal Information of Exploratory, Industrial and Biomedical Purpose
Information and Communications / Sensors and Signal Processing

3235 - Recovery of Polymer Waste by Shear Strains
Recycling, Modification and Recovery of Natural and Synthetic Polymer Waste by Shear and Shock-Shear Strains
Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering

3253 - Laser Active Medium Formation
Study of Mechanisms of Active Medium Formation by Electric Discharge in Pulse-Periodic Oxygen-Iodine Laser
Physics / Optics and Lasers

3230 - Nanocarbon electrochemical biosensors
Development of Electrochemical Biosensors Using Nano Structured Materials Involving Carbon-Сontaining Сompounds
Medicine / Diagnostics & Devices

3261 - Curium in molten chlorides
Study of Curium Thermodynamics in Molten Chlorides
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment

3297 - Targets for Neutron-Rich Nuclei Investigation
Development and Creation of Radioactive Ве-10 Targets on the Basis of Russian Nuclear Technologies
Physics / Atomic and Nuclear Physics

3213 - Channel-Type Reactor with Coolant of Supercritical Parameters
Development of the Design Code Package to Analyze Thermohydraulic and Neutronic Characteristics of the Channel-Type Water-Cooled Water-Moderated Reactor with Supercritical Parameters of the Coolant
Fission Reactors / Reactor Engineering and NPP

3272 - New generation of Anti-HIV-1 Compounds
New approaches to designing anti-HIV compounds targeting late steps of HIV-1 replication
Medicine / Drug Discovery

3320 - Determination of Organophosphorus Agents in Air
Development of Analytical Methodology for Quantitative Determination of Organophosphorus Chemical Agents in Air
Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry

3308 - Spectroscopy for Terahertz Frequency Bands
Terahertz Josephson Spectroscopy
Instrumentation / Detection Devices

3330 - Nanotubes for Flat Ligth Sources
Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotube Cathodes for Flat Panel Displays and Flat Lamps
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

3319 - Experimental Determination of Residual Stresses
Stress determination on a base of advanced interferometric measurements of deformation response induced by local mechanical influence
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

3310 - Negative Differential Resistance in Molecular “Wires”
Theoretical Research of Mechanisms of Negative Differential Resistance Appearance in Molecular “Wires”
Physics / Solid State Physics

3357 - Oxide Nanostructures
Fabrication of Nanostructures on the Base of Oxides of Mixed Valence Metals and Investigation of their Structural, Magnetic and Electron Properties
Materials / Ceramics

3363 - Fragments of Fission by Intermediate Energy Neutrons
Developing the Experimental Database on Fragment Yield in Fission of the Main Nuclear Fuel Isotopes and other Minor Actinides Induced by Intermediate Energy Neutrons
Physics / Atomic and Nuclear Physics

3394 - Detonation of Liquid Homogeneous Materials
On the Capability of Liquid Homogeneous Materials to Detonate
Materials / Explosives

3368 - Lidar for Methane Emission Monitoring
Remote IR Laser Sensing Technique for Methane Emission in the Sites of Fossil Fuels Production
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

3316 - Decontamination Safety Standards
Surface Decontamination after Chemical Terrorism: Safety Standards Development
Environment / Environmental Health and Safety

3364 - ‘Electronic tongue’ for detection of metals
Development of an Analytical Methodology for Quantification of Stable Elements in Radioactive Solutions Using Electronic Tongue Multisensor Systems
Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry