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2135 - Computer Codes for Linacs
Computer Codes for High Power Linacs
Information and Communications / Software

2176 - Edible Vaccines from Transgenic Plants
Development of Edible Vaccines Using Transgenic Plants
Medicine / Vaccines

2133 - Monitoring of Xenon and Krypton Isotopes
Development of Methodical Bases and Mobile Equipment for Monitoring of Xe and Kr Radionuclides in the North-West Region of Russia
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

2262 - Carbon-14 Recovery
Recovery of Carbon-14 from Low-Content Waste Originating from Operation of Medical Facilities, Biology Research Institutions and Labeled Compounds Producing Enterprises, as well as of Other Origin
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment

2286 - N-N Scattering Cross Section Measurements at a Pulsed Reactor
Direct Measurements of the N-N Scattering Cross Section at the YAGUAR Pulsed Reactor
Physics / Atomic and Nuclear Physics

2283 - Diamond Spectrometers and Dosimeters
Research and Development of Diamond Detector Based Spectrometers and Dosimeters
Instrumentation / Detection Devices

2289 - Laser Ion Acceleration
Theoretical and Computer Simulation Study of High Energy Ion Acceleration with a Shot Intense Laser Pulses
Physics / Plasma Physics

2264 - Interaction of Ion Beams with Matter
Investigation of Interaction of Intense Ion Beams with Matter and Dynamic Processes in Irradiated Targets
Fusion / Plasma Physics

2349 - Fiber-Optic Vibroacoustic Sensors
The Development of Fiber-Optic Vibroacoustic Sensors Based on Novel Precision Methods of Low-Coherent Interferometry
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

2311 - The Risk of Remote Consequences of Nuclear and Chemical Technologies
Evaluation of the Risk of Remote Consequences Caused by Dangerous Factors of Nuclear and Chemical Technologies Affecting the Population
Environment / Environmental Health and Safety

2367 - Future Strategy for Biopreparation Plant
Project for the Coordination of Collaborative United States Government Projects with the Goal of Developing a Sustainable Center for Biotechnology Research, Pharmacology and Production at Pokrov Biologics Plant (PBP)
Biotechnology / Other

2391 - Carbon Materials for Nuclear Waste Storage and Transmutation
Development of the Methods for Encapsulation of Long-lived Nuclear Waste in the Carbon Matrixes for Storage and Transmutation
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment

2366 - Microbial Degradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Microbial Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Laboratory and Field Conditions
Biotechnology / Bioremediation

2338 - Entomopathogenic Fungi and Their Metabolites
Studies and Evaluation of Entomopathogenic Fungi as New Biopesticides Producers
Agriculture / Plant Protection

2479 - Quality Control System for Chemical Industry
Development of Quality Control System and Quality Training and Consulting Center
Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering

2403 - Monograph «Magnitocumulative Generators"
Writing of a Book «Magnetocumulative Generators as Pulsed Power Sources»
Fusion / Plasma Physics

2426 - Test Kits for Plague Diagnostics
Development of Test Kits to Diagnostically Significant Antigens of Yersinia Pestis with the Use of Combinatorial Phage Libraries of Miniantibodies
Medicine / Diagnostics & Devices

2476 - New Antihemostatic Substances
Development of New Antihemostatic Substances and Medicines and Rodenticides on Their Basis
Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

2478 - Development of Obtaining Technology of LiAsF6 and LiPF6
Development of Obtaining Technology of Lithium Hexafluoroarsenate and Lithium Hexafluorophosphate - Components of Organic Electrolytes for Chemical Current Sources
Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering

2564 - The study into thermodynamic hydrogen isotope properties
The Study into Equation of State for Hydrogen Isotope Crystal Phase within Megabar Pressure Region
Physics / Solid State Physics