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B-1682 - Ovarian Cancer Angiogenesis
Studying Ovarian Cancer Angiogenesis for Advancing Diagnosis and Treatment of the Fifths Leading Cause of Death in Women
Information and Communications / Sensors and Signal Processing

B-1604 - Actinides Neutron Data for High Energy
Neutron Data for Actinides up to 200 MeV
Fission Reactors / Nuclear and Other Technical Data

B-1177 - Upgrade of Nuclear Material Protection and Control Systems for Sosny Joint Institute
Development of Conceptual Design for Upgrading the Physical Protection System and Material Controls Accounting (PPS&MCA) JIPNR-Sosny
Fission Reactors / Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding

B-1645 - Combined Chemotherapy of Infections
Development of New Effective Pharmaceuticals for Combined Chemotherapy of Infections
Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

B-1636 - Colon Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Cytoskeleton
Cytoskeleton Rearrangement in Colon Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Biotechnology / Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology

B-1332 - Conformational Dynamics of Biomolecules
`Electronic Structure and Conformational Dynamics of Biologically Active Organic Compounds and Proteins Related to Developing New Diagnostic Express Methods for Biomedical Applications
Chemistry / Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

G-698.2 - Purification of Acidic Quarry Waters
The New Technology of the Processing of Barite Raw for Purification of Acid Quarry Waters from Ions of Heavy Metals
Environment / Water Pollution and Control

G-1129 - Bacteriophage Against Plant Diseases
Bacteriophage, an Effective Biological Tool Against Plant Diseases Caused by Pathogenic Bacteria
Agriculture / Plant Protection

G-1160 - Nanocrystalline Scintillators
Development of New Nanocrystalline Scintillation Materials
Materials / Composites

G-945.2 - Heavy Metals Contamination in Mining Regions of Georgia
Heavy Metals in the Soil and Natural Waters of Mining Regions of Georgia and Development of Methods of Environmental Improvement
Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry

G-1106 - Radioactive Contamination of Georgia
Development and Monitoring of the Long Life Radionuclide Pollution (Sr-90, Cs-137) of Georgia’s Plant Cover and Soils
Non-Nuclear Energy / Solar Energy

G-1217 - Vortices, waves, fronts in rotating fluids
Vortices, Waves, Fronts in Rotating Fluids: Adjustment, Stability, Frontogenesis
Physics / Fluid Mechanics and Gas Dynamics

G-1219 - Nonlinear Waves
Nonlinear Optical and Acoustic Waves in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media
Physics / Optics and Lasers

G-1335 - Spin-polarized transport in ferromagnetic semiconductors
Comprehensive analysis of the spin transport in discrete alloys „semiconductor – ferromagnet“ with controlled disorder
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

G-1246 - Bacteriophage for Treatment of Diarrheal Diseases
Production and Usage of Polyvalent, Polycomponent Clinical - Prophylactic Bacteriophage Preparation for Treatment of Diseases Caused by E. coli, Salmonella and Shigella
Biotechnology / Microbiology

G-1366 - Short Intense Laser Pulses in Optical Media
Short Intense Laser Pulses in Optical and Composite Negative Phase Index Media
Physics / Optics and Lasers

G-1318 - Epilepsy Treatment
Influence of Orexinergic System on Epileptic Activity of the Brain
Biotechnology / Biochemistry

G-1302 - Manufacture of Potassium-Containing Fertilizers
Development of Technological Process for Reception of New Type of Potassium-Containing Fertilizers, Creation and Testing of Experimental Installation
Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry

G-982 - Detectors Based on Cherenkov Effect for NPP Safety
Investigation and Development of Effective Means of Increase of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Nuclear Plants
Fission Reactors / Reactor Engineering and NPP

G-1369 - Bcteriophages against Chronic Prostatitis Microflora
Microflora of Inflammatory Process in Chronic Prostatitis and Urogenital Tracts in Men and Phage Therapy Prospects
Medicine / Other