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G-1376 - Electromagnetic Waves in Turbulent Media
Development and Application of Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in a Turbulent Anisotropic Absorptive Media
Physics / Plasma Physics

G-1255 - Plasma Machine for Surface Treatment
Creation of Long-Lived Plasma Machine Consisting of Both Non-Transferred Arc Plasma Torch and Power Source with Deeply Dropping Characteristic for Surface Treatment of Construction Materials
Physics / Plasma Physics

G-961 - New Titanium Carbide Materials
Elaboration of New Low-Tungsten and Tungsten-Free Nanocrystalline Hard Alloys Based on Titanium Carbide
Materials / Composites

G-1361 - Hetero-multimetallic Catalysts
Hetero-Multimetallic Catalysts for the Asymmetric Formation of C-C Bonds
Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

G-1303 - Litosphere of Caucasus
The Study of the Structure of the Lithosphere of Caucasus by Means of Surface Wave Tomography and Three-Dimensional Modeling
Environment / Seismic Monitoring

G-1458 - Rare Processes at Experiment of Large Hadron Collider
The Search for and Study of a Rare Processes within and beyond Standard Model at ATLAS Experiment of Large Hadron Collider at CERN
Physics / Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics

G-1294 - Monitoring of Kura River in Georgia
Investigation of Pollution by Radionuclides, Toxic Elements and Creation of the Radiation and Hydrochemical Monitoring System of the R. Kura Basin in Georgia
Environment / Water Pollution and Control

G-1408 - Phytoremediation of Chemical Explosives
Creation of a Novel Complex Phytoremediation Technology for Rehabilitation of Soils and Waters Polluted with Explosives
Environment / Remediation and Decontamination

G-1532 - Model of the Litosphere of the Caucasus
The Creation of the Thermo-geodynamic Model of the Lithosphere of the Caucasus and of the Black and Caspian Seas Areas on the Basis of Mathematical Model, Geological and Thermal Paleoreconstruction and Seismic Tomography
Other Basic Sciences / Natural Resources and Earth Sciences

G-1624 - Bioprocess for Fuel Ethanol
Development of a Novel, Cost-Effective Bioprocess for Production of Fuel Ethanol from Herbaceous Lignocellulosic Wastes
Non-Nuclear Energy / Fuels

G-416.3 - Anti-Anthrax Immunoglobulin
Elaboration of an Improved Technology for Obtaining Heterogeneous Anti-Anthrax Immunoglobulin for Urgent Treatment and Prevention of Anthrax in Bacteriological Contamination of the Places of Distribution of the Troops, Firing Grounds and Inhabited Localities of Georgia
Agriculture / Plant Protection

G-1600 - Variable Geometry Rotor
Updating of the Variable Geometry Rotor (VGR) Blade Diameter Change Mechanism Combined with the System of the Centrifugal Force Compensation and Extension of the Range of the Blade Twist Change
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

G-1687 - Combination of Bacteriophages and Probiotics against Diarrhea
Bacteriophages and Probiotics Combined Preparation for Treatment and Prophylactic of Diarrheal Diseases
Biotechnology / Microbiology

G-1599 - Fertilizers of Prolonged Action
New Generation Complex Fertilizers of Prolonged Action to Protect Environment from Pollution
Other / Agriculture

KR-548 - Technology for Basalt Fiber Production
Development of New Science and Technology Principles for Production of Basalt Based Staple and Continuous Fibers and Goods
Manufacturing Technology / Engineering Materials

KR-920 - Information-computing complex based on a high-performance cluster
Creation of information-computing complex based on a high-performance cluster to solve scientific and applied problems with a large volume of calculations
Information and Communications / High Performance Computing and Networking

KR-1176 - The Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative
Establishment of the Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative
Environment / Modelling and Risk Assessment

KR-993.2 - Biological Means for the Optimization of the Plants Nutrient and the Protection
Development of the Highly Effective Biological Means for the Optimization of the Nutrition and the Protection of Plants
Biotechnology / Microbiology

KR-1130 - Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering
Hydraulic Structures for Small Hydropower Engineering of the Mountain and Foot-Mountain Area
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

KR-1122.2 - New Botanical Biopestecides
Biotechnological Approaches to the Creation of New Botanical Pesticides and Molecular-Biological Aspects of Their Influence on Harmful Organisms
Biotechnology / Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology