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B-003 - Evaluation of Actinide Nuclear Data
Evaluation of Actinide Nuclear Data
Fission Reactors / Nuclear and Other Technical Data

B-023 - Human Activity Accidents Simulation
Mathematical Simulation of Natural and Human Activity Accidents and their Influences on Environmental Conditions and Ecology.
Environment / Modelling and Risk Assessment

B-070 - Transmutation by Usage of N-Generator
Experimental Research of Transmutation of Fission Products and Minor Actinides in a Subcritical System Driven by a Neutron Generator.
Fission Reactors / Fuel Cycle

B-076 - Migration of NPP-Aerosols
Simulation of Dynamics of Local Migration of Aerosol Effluents out from Nuclear Power Plants in Aero- and Hydrosphere.
Environment / Modelling and Risk Assessment

B-078 - Mode-Locked Lasers
Novel Mode-locket Lasers and their Application.
Physics / Optics and Lasers

B-079 - Infrared Radiation Sources
Powerful Compact Sources of Near IR Pulse Radiation Based on YAG: Nd-lasers and Nonlinear Converters for Medical and Ecological Applications.
Instrumentation / Other

B-080 - Relaxation Processes Study
Development of Measuring Laser System for Relaxation Properties Study of Condense Media by the Methods of Transient Multi-wave Mixing.
Instrumentation / Other

B-081 - Combination Pollutants Formation
Pollutants Formation in Combustion Processes, their Scattering in Atmosphere and Development of Diagnostics Techniques for their Controlling.
Environment / Air Pollution and Control

B-082 - Semiconductor Emitters
Elaboration and Creation of Semiconductor Emitters for Solid State Laser Pumping.
Physics / Optics and Lasers

B-083 - Compact IR Lasers
Development of the Compact in Gas Lasers.
Instrumentation / Other

B-084 - Airborne Remote Sensing System
Elaboration of Technology and Module Airborne Device for Optical Remote Sensing to Make the Thermal Ecological and Resource Maps
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

B-085 - Lidar System for Air Pollution Monitoring
Development the Lidar System for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring on the Base of the Tunable Lasers at the Ultraviolet, Visual and Infrared Spectral Regions
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

B-086 - Analyzer of Liquid Crystal Characteristics
Development and Design of Analyzer for Quality Characteristics Control Of Liquid Crystal Screens
Manufacturing Technology / Other

B-094 - Microscopy of Biological Objects
Investigation of Model System and Natural Biological Objects by Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscopy Techniques with Atomic Scale Resolution.
Biotechnology / Microbiology

B-095 - Digital Signal Processing
Theory and Methods of Discrete Dynamic Systems in Digital Signal Processing Application.
Information and Communications / Sensors and Signal Processing

B-104 - Optimization Methods in Engineering Systems
Optimization Methods and Tools for Design, Control and Management in Engineering Systems
Manufacturing Technology / CAD and CAM

B-109 - Chemical Reactor Diagnostics
Development of Methods and Apparatus for Processes Diagnostics in Plasma Reactors at the Neutralization of Chemical Herbiside and Pestiside
Environment / Remediation and Decontamination

B-110 - Belarus Territory Rehabilitation
Methodology and Software Tools for Environmental Risk Assessment and Rehabilitation Measures on the Territory of Belarus
Environment / Modelling and Risk Assessment

B-120 - Calibration of Scintillating Crystals for LHC Detectors
Development of Certification and Calibration System for Multychanell Scintillation Detectors for High Energy Physics Application
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

B-124 - Logical Control of Mechanical Systems
Logical Control of Mechanical Systems
Manufacturing Technology / Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control

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