Advanced Matchmaking (AMM)

Advanced Matchmaking (AMM)—what is it?

Traditional matchmaking often focuses on identifying a good “match” between a CIS institute and international Partner, then facilitating the introduction—taking the first step. Several ISTC programs support this.

AMM is designed to

1. Bring together participants in a possible commercial deal (ISTC beneficiary and commercial partner, customer, investor, etc.), and
2. Provide “hands-on” business development support to the ISTC beneficiary until the deal is reached.

Advanced Matchmaking Support includes
  • Travel to meet potential partners, attend conferences and trade fairs
  • Business and legal consulting support
  • Support in preparing targeted business-attractive presentations
  • Help developing mini-business plans, limited market surveys, business models, etc.
No grants or equipment provided to scientists, no site access, no host government concurrence required.

Avanced Matchmaking—What can it lead to?

1. Targeted request for other ISTC support: Partner Project, Patent Support, Commercialization Initiative, Pre-commercialization support (business planning, market research, business consulting, etc.)
2. Commercial deal with sustainable job creation: Technology licensing, joint venture, etc.
3. Start-up or spin-off company established
4. Other sustainable outcomes as appropriate

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