Consultations, Seminars and Coaching

The ISTC has conducted a training program for six years. The training program is a key component in the redirection of FWS experts, which is a core objective of the ISTC mission. Since 2004, the training program has been developed and adapted to better suit modern learning methods. The principal goal of the Competency Building Program is to provide business training to scientists that equip them to succeed in a business environment.

Competency Building activities include such areas as:
• Introduction to Commercialization
• Attracting partners and investors
• Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
• Negotiating for success in a business environment
• Business presentation skills
• Project management training
• Ad hoc Partner requested training

The Program goals are achieved through:
• Organizing different types of training events such as seminars, workshops, coaching, distance learning
• Development of training materials
• Development of multimedia courses and remote training system
• Reimbursement of travel expenses for participants as well as experts
• Development and management of regional Resource Centers (training centers) for the application of ISTC competency building activities (including their infrastructure)
• Providing training infrastructure (equipment, materials, interpretation/translation, etc).

Following these aims, special Resource Centers and Training and Consulting Centers have been created on the base of which the ISTC remote training are being conducted.

The main purposes of the ISTC Resource and Training and Consulting Centers are as follows:
• Organize and conduct training courses, scientific and technical seminars, and other events on issues related to the ISTC’s projects and other support activities;
• Organize and conduct distanceraining education under ithe ISTC’s competency building program;
• Conduct consultations on the preparation and the implementation of ISTC project proposals;
• Provide assistance to project recipients on issues concerning IPR protection, technology transfer, and other commercialization topics;
• Provide assistance in the dissemination of the multimedia courses produced by the ISTC’s Competency Building Group.

ISTC has the following Resource and Training and Consulting Centers:
• Training and Consulting Center in the ISTP “Technopark in Moskvorech’e”
• Resource Center in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) organized on the base of the ISTC Branch Office
• Resource Center in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia) organized on the base of the ISTC Branch Office

Perspose of trainee support:
• To give a better understanding of modern tendencies in innovation sphere.
• To provide practical knowledge for the realization of an innovative project.
• To acquire personal experience in innovative project presentation.
• To obtain basic knowledge of the given subject and to use it in a practical way, to attract external (non-ISTC) revenue and support other sustainable outcomes for their institutes.

Training Duration
While the term of the traineeship may vary, we recommend duration of at least one and a half month for all courses conducted in the remote regime.

A traineeship organized by the ISTC Competency Building Group is cost-free for the trainee. ISTC organizes the training and compensates all expenditures relating to the course, such as any learning material required for study. All courses are a unique opportunity for ISTC beneficiaries to receive knowledge and practical help in innovative project commercialization.