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The Science Project Program is the most comprehensive nonproliferation activity conducted by the ISTC. Through this program, the ISTC solicits scientific project proposals from institutes throughout the CIS and provides funding and logistic support to project teams.

Project teams receive written concurrence from the host country on whose territory their research will be conducted, and then develop and execute their project with foreign collaborating organizations. Foreign collaborators ensure the project goals contribute to the state-of-the-art in the field, and that results will find applications in real problems in basic and applied research.

Location of ISTC Projects:

Changes to working modalities adopted at GB 49

Contact information of project proposal group in ISTC

Dmitry Bugaev, Senior Project Proposal Expert
tel.: (495) 982-3190

Elena Ryabeva, Proposal Processing Group Leader
tel.: (495) 982-3137

Fax of Project Proposal Group: (499) 978-1331