Japan has played an important role in International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Moscow since the beginning of its activities in 1994.

Main Involvement
There are two types of ISTC projects – regular and partner. The regular projects are funded by each of the ISTC funding parties, i.e. by the Government of Japan. Through this program, the ISTC gathers scientific project proposals from institutes throughout the CIS and provides funding and logistic support to project teams.

The second category of projects is partner projects, which provide opportunities for the Japanese private sector to participate in Russian research projects. By the end of 2008, 47 private companies have participated in ISTC partner projects for a total investment of 5.1 million USD. Among them there are well-known companies such as Kawasaki, Komatsu, Hitachi, Marubeni, Nissan Motors, Mitsui Engineering & shipbuilding, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, to name a few.

The organization of scientific workshops is another important part of Japanese activity in the framework of ISTC. 47 have been organized in Japan by the ISTC (end of 2008). The scientific fields of workshops are rather wide – renewable energy, advanced technologies, bio-pharmacy, nanotech, biodosimetry, etc. This program enables ISTC beneficiary institutes and their former weapons of mass destruction (WMD) experts to integrate the global science community and contribute to the solution of related problems. To achieve these goals, ISTC invites Russian and CIS scientists, and, as part of the invitation, covers all their expenses for travel and lodging in Japan.

Besides, Japan is involved in funding scientific experts’ mobility program – that is inviting Japanese experts to take part in seminars, conferences and workshops organized in Russia/CIS and also delegating Russian/CIS scientists to take part in scientific events in Japan.

Japan Promotion Team
Watanabe - Deputy Executive Director of ISTC
- Senior Technology Coordination Manager
- Program officer
–Partner Promotion Officer
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ISTC has a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) as one of its main bodies delivering scientific advice. Dr. Jun Sugimoto of the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency chairs this committee.

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