Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic is currently an active participant in a wide range of international S&T programs. The scientific potential of the Kyrgyz Republic is concentrated in 92 independent scientific and technical organizations, including institutes, universities, and scientific production centers. Kyrgyz science is focused on areas such as information and telecommunication technologies, electronics and problems of applied mathematics, parallel computing technologies, modern technologies of mining operations, as well as bio-diversity and the environment. The Kyrgyz scientists are also at the forefront of research on natural and human-related processes in mountain regions and better methods to forecast natural disasters. The special attention attends to the projects in such areas as monitoring of infectious diseases and alternative energy sources.

Branch office contact info
Vitaly Kovalenko
Head of Branch Office
44, Kievskaya street, 720000 Bishkek, Kirghyz Republic
ph.: 996 (312) 66 01 40
fax: 996 (312) 28 28 59