Mobility Fund

The purpose of the ISTC Mobility and Project Specific Training Program is to facilitate the establishment and development of strong collaborative links or partnerships between CIS scientists and counterparts that cannot be supported by other more specific ISTC programs and to provide ISTC project participants with a professional training considered necessary to accomplish the tasks of ongoing projects.

Application to the Program

1) All applicants to the Program should complete and sign:

(a) Application form no later than 2 months prior to the trip.

Each application should, in addition, be accompanied by the following documentation:

(b) Invitation letter or letters of support from abroad or registration form for the conference; Relevant

(c) Project Manager and

(d) Institute Director support letters

In the case of conference participation, all relevant

(e) information about the conference.

2) For travel under projects in status 5, the mode of operation is based on advances with reimbursement to the Program from the project funds once the Project Agreement is signed. Such request for Project Agreement Development Grants (PADG) should be accompanied by

(a) the standard letter-agreement signed by the ISTC and recipient institution;

(b) PADG form .