Multimedia Training Courses

One of the most cost-effective elements of the Competency Building Program is distance learning.

Distance learning is not a solitary process. It is an alternative study method and is extremely advantageous for people (scientists) who do not live close to a course provider or who want the freedom to study when they like and where they like within a structured but flexible, personal timetable.

All ISTC training conducted in the remote regime offeres an explanation of the modern tendencies in innovation and commercialization sphere. They give colorful key studies of real innovative project implementation and provide information related to the protection of intellectual property in the project and other strong issues concerning scientific research and development.

At this time the following courses are provided

Benefits of distance learning
  • It is flexible and allows everybody to select the best time to study to suit his/her own circumstances. It also provides the flexibility to remain in full-time employment.
  • A trainee can study when and where it suits him/her best and there is no need to attend timetabled lectures or tutorials.

A trainee can contact an academic tutor as often as he/she likes. Plus he/she can contact the people from a group especially created to assist and advise anytime.

All courses consist of three main parts: setup seminar, remote tests and consultations, and attestation session (final seminar). On the setup seminar, tutors and system administrators introduce learners to the course. The trainees are explained the rules and general procedures of working in the distance learning system known as ’DOCENT’, and are shown all possibilities for use (such as: forum, chat, consultations). A detailed schedule, personal login and password are provided to each person. Time and dates of obligatory meetings with tutors in online regime are arranged.

During the final seminar, all trainees are tested to measure their success in mastering the course material before a course completion certificate is awarded.

In addition, the Competency Building Program is developing mechanisms for long-term follow-up with trainees to track their success over time in using skills developed during the program to support sustainable outcomes for their institutes.