Partner Projects

Business Solutions

ISTC can help moderate the cost of Research & Development for private companies, governmental and non governmental organizations by carrying out projects in Russia and other countries of the Former Soviet Union. Through ISTC, Partners can access close to 2,000 research institutes with highly skilled scientists and develop R&D projects in a secure environment thanks to ISTC's diplomatic status and its experienced team of managers.

Benefits of cooperation – Cost effective, Unique solutions, Global logistics, Project monitoring, IPR assistance
  • No cost technology R&D search
  • Moderate project R&D costs
  • Complete control of funds assured through ISTC
  • Direct tax-free grant payments to recipients via ISTC
  • Customs and duty-free imports of equipment via ISTC
  • On-site monitoring and audits by professional ISTC project management
  • On-site supported visits to institutes and closed cities
  • Access to ISTC networks across Russia and the CIS
  • Intellectual Property Rights support
  • ISTC support programs (competency building, travel grants, seminars and workshops)
  • Bi-lingual staff (English and Russian)