Project Management

Developing projects in foreign countries, ISTC provides your business the assurance and risk sharing means to start and successfully complete R&D projects. Through benefits such as tax free payments to elite teams working on your project or assisting with customs administration for project equipment or materials (ISTC projects are exempt from customs duties for project-related imports). ISTC enhances effective project implementation.

ISTC Project Support

Experienced project managers assist Partners with project development, implementation, communicating with Russian & CIS institutions, travel to sites and Intellectual Property Rights and contract support.

Cost Efficiency Solutions

ISTC can help moderate the cost of your R&D needs with an exceptional team.

Experienced Management and Good Governance

Management know-how as well as practicing good governance is essential to successful and accountable projects. ISTC assures financial and operational transparency audited by internationally recognized 3rd party consulting companies.

Logistics and Monitoring

ISTC assists with project-associated logistics: can negotiate visits to project sites, meet with project teams and review project performance.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Utmost Confidentiality

With more than 10 years of experience in Russia and the CIS, ISTC has proven procedures for protecting proprietary and confidential information.

  • Allocation of any IPR is agreed upon between the partner company and the relevant Russian or CIS institute.
  • IPR is allocated based on terms negotiated between the parties.