Republic of Korea

Non-proliferation Through Science and Technology Cooperation

The ISTC is a vital and unique intergovernmental organization created to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by providing former WMD scientists from Russia, Georgia and the CIS with opportunities to carry out civilian research projects. Through international cooperation involving thousands of scientists, ISTC has contributed to reducing proliferation dangers of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.

Contribution and Activities of the Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea has joined ISTC in 1997. Its contribution consists of two separate areas: The funding of science projects and the funding of workshops. The Government Korea directly funded a total amount of 3.8 million USD for regular projects since 1997 (statistics as of December 2008). Korean Partners from private and public organizations invested around 1.8 million USD in Partner projects.

The Korean Party supports the ISTC-Korea Workshop Program, which ISTC jointly conducts in cooperation with Korean institutes since 2003. The workshops bring together Russian/CIS scientists and their Korean counterparts who are working in specific technological fields to discuss research collaboration and facilitate the development of related ISTC projects. To date, 18 workshops have been held with the participation of around 150 experts from Russia/CIS.

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