Resource Centers

The main objective of the ISTC Regional Resource Center is to help to deliver an ISTC distance learning system and to sustain regional commercialization activities of the ISTC ComSP and project beneficiaries by providing versatile advisory and business development services for businesses, entrepreneurs, private industries, R&D institutes, techno-parks, etc. The resource centers also search for regional technology commercialization opportunities and attract industries of the region to benefit from technologies developed by ISTC beneficiaries. Centers operate in Russia nationwide and in some of those CIS countries where ISTC has Branch Offices. They also, as appropriate, cooperate with other regional employment and economic development organizations and activities (regional administrations, regional offices of Russian innovation system and Venture Capital Association, etc.) jointly combining their regional forces for sustainability of the ISTC beneficiaries.

Tasks of the centers include
• To provide a variety of Competence Building materials and booklets regarding technology commercialization.
• To plan and organize business training within the regional framework,
• Assess the region’s commercialization opportunities relevant to ISTC, and to support regional ComSP efforts,
• To support and advise small and medium-sized enterprises at the various stages of their life cycles for both management and personnel,
• To promote technological development in enterprises and assist in matters associated with export activities and entering into domestic as well as international markets,
• To support on matters involving patents and other IPR

Resource Centers that are operational:
Training and Consulting Center in the ISTP “Technopark in Moskvorech’e”
• Resource Center in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) organized on the base of the ISTC Branch Office
• Resource Center in Yerevan (Republic of Armenia) organized on the base of the ISTC Branch Office