13th SAC Seminar "New Perspectives of High Energy Physics", Novosibirsk, 01-05 September 2010

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the International Science & Technology Center (ISTC) jointly with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) held the 13th SAC seminar, New Perspectives of High Energy Physics, at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, in Novosibirsk, Russia, from 1 to 5 September. Some 85 scientists from Armenia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, United States and Russia took part in the event.

The Seminar offered a forum to discuss the latest achievements and challenges in the field of high energy physics and to identify perspectives of future development and further technology transfer to areas such as medicine and informatics. Ongoing and planned collaboration between CERN and ISTC was discussed as well. The contribution of young scientists was underlined during a special session in which 19 presentations were given by young scientists under 35 year old. The prize for best research was attributed to Kirill Skovpen from Budker INP with the project "ATLAS sensitivity to left-right symmetry at 7 TeV."

Main topics of the seminar:
The overall framework
Particle physics overview and vision
CERN Programme
Large CERN projects with ISTC role
Challenges in nuclear and heavy ion physics
RHIC Brookhaven
ALICE specific abstracts
NICA Dubna
Physics at LHC: pp detectors and physics related talks

Future projects/technologies & Data handling challenges
Linear Collider R&D
R&D on other facilities
CERN and LHC machine upgrade plans
LHC detector upgrade plans CERN
Spanning from Acquisition to Grid
Applications and knowledge transfer
Medical application of hadrons and heavy ions
Medical spin-offs of High Energy Physics
Knowledge and technology transfer from High Energy Physics
International collaboration - Road map of particle physics infrastructure

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