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0203 - Photochemical Aspects of Ozone Generation
Development and Applied Research of the Photochemical Technologies of the Ozone Generation for Medical and Environmental Protection Purposes.
Environment / Other

0204 - Silicon Carbide Semiconductors
Development of Silicon Carbide Semiconducting Material for a new Generation of Radiation Hardened and High Temperature Sensors and Electronics.
Materials / Organic and Electronics Materials

0207 - Mettalic Hydrogene
Theoretical Investigation of Production Possibility of Metallic Hydrogen and its Physical Properties at Low Temperatures
Physics / Solid State Physics

0208 - Quark Confinement Calculations
Studies of Quark Confinement Based on Exact Solutions of the Classical Yang-Mills Equations.
Physics / Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics

0209 - Explosion Synthesis and Compaction
Development of Explosion Synthesis and Compaction Technology of Superhard Materials for Industrial Purposes.
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0211 - Transportable Neutron Defectoscope
Development of Industrial Transportable Neutron Defectoscope for Control of Materials and the Most Important Items in Aircraft, Space, Fuel and Atomic Industries.
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

0214 - Ash Microspheres for Coal Burning
Estimation of perspectives for ash microspheres production at coal burning thermal power stations , development of methods for their quality certification. Creation of a database for ash microspheres in Russian Federation.
Environment / Solid Waste Pollution and Control

0215 - Multipurpose Supercontainer
Multipurpose Supercontainer.
Physics / Structural Mechanics

0216 - Tunable CO2-Laser (R)
Automatic Tunable CO2 - Laser.
Physics / Optics and Lasers

0217 - Capture Cross-Sections
Measurement of Capture Cross-Sections on a Pulse Neutron Source for the Nuclei, Forming Daughter Nuclei with Short Life Time in Basic and Metastable States.
Physics / Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics

0219 - Deactivation of Contaminated Buildings
Development of Decontamination Techniques and Technologies for Industrial Buildings and Equipment that are Polluted by Radionuclides
Environment / Remediation and Decontamination

0220 - Fast Sodium Reactors
Studies of Physics and Engineering Problems for Safety Increase and Burning of Actinides Efficiency for Advanced Fast Reactors.
Fission Reactors / Reactor Concept

0221 - Magnetic Nozzle Device
Magnitized plasma Heating Research in MHD-Nozzle Device.
Fusion / Magnetic Confinement Systems

0222 - Blast Wave Perturbations
Studies of Blast Wave Selfsimilar Perturbations.
Physics / Other

0223 - Water Soluble Crystals
Development of Single-Sector, Rapid-Growth Technologies for Production of Water Soluble Crystals.
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0225 - Shock Compressibility of Matter
Study of the Shock Compressibility Character of Matter from the Standpoint of Crystal Lattice and of Phase Transitions by Means of Flash X-Ray Analyses.
Physics / Structural Mechanics

0227 - Treatment of Optical Parts
Optical Materials and Methods of Treatment of High-Precision Optical Parts.
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0228 - Polyphenil Contaminated Soils
Development of Biological Methods for Intensive Treatment of Polyphenyl Polluted Soils.
Environment / Remediation and Decontamination

0233 - Electronic Scanning Radars
Investigation and Ellaboration of Control Principles of High-Performance Electronic Scan Radars for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and Facilities
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0237 - 20 MGauss Magnetic Generators
Development of a Magnetocumulative Generator of 20 MG Pulsed Reproducible Magnetic Fields.
Physics / Structural Mechanics