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0316 - Optoelectronic Elements for Supercomputer
Optoelectronic elements and Devices Development for Optoelectronic Supercomputer Design Using New Fundamental Principles
Information and Communications / Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

0317 - Software for Chemical Accidents Monitoring
Development the Methodology, Informational Support and Software for Risk analyses in Chemical-Engineering Installations.
Environment / Modelling and Risk Assessment

0318 - Technology for Artificial Kidney Device
Technology Development for Producing of Hemodialysers Used in Artificial Kidney
Medicine / Diagnostics & Devices

0320 - Parachute Landing Control System
Development of Automatic Control System for Freight Accurate Landing (Water Landing) Gliding Parachute (ACSFLP)
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0321 - Research and Training Reactor PIK
Functional Training-Simulating Complex of the Research Reactor PIK (FTSC PIK).
Fission Reactors / Modelling

0322 - Excimer UV-Radiation Source
On the Creation of a Continuous Narrow-Band Plasma-Chemical Excimer UV-light Source of 0.1- Okw Power.
Physics / Optics and Lasers

0323 - Tritium Targets for Neutron Tubes
Development of Tritium Targets for Small-dimension Sealed Neutron tubes with High Reliability ("INTEGRITY").
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0325 - Heavy Gas Discharge X-Ray Source
The Soft X-ray Source Based ECR-discharge Sustained by Powerful Gyrotron Radiation in Heavy Gases.
Physics / Plasma Physics

0326 - Accelerator-Based X-Ray Medicine Device (R)
Development of the Technical Project of the X-ray Irradiator on the Basis of the Miniature Pulsed Accelerator ARSA for Application in Medicine.
Biotechnology / Radiobiology

0328 - Multiwave Lidar for Atmosphere Monitoring
Creation of a Multiwave Lidar for Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring.
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

0329 - Generator of Superstrong EM-Fields
Superstrong Subnanosecond Electromagnetic Field Generation.
Physics / Other

0330 - Reprocessing of Pu-Contaminated Water
Development of Technology to Remove Transuranium Elements from Silt of Radioactive Storage Ponds.
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment

0331 - Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Structures
Development of Technology of Production of Some Temperature and Radiation Resistant sic-based Semiconductor Structures
Information and Communications / Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

0332-2 - Safe U and Pu Storage
Project for the Safe Storage of large Masses of Weapon-grade Plutonium and Uranium
Fission Reactors / Reactor Fuels and Fuel Engineering

0332 - Safe U and Pu Storage
A Safe Method for Storing Large Masses of Plutonium and Uranium after Dismount of Nuclear Weapons.
Fission Reactors / Reactor Fuels and Fuel Engineering

0333 - Inverse Algorithms for Matrices Analysis
Development of the Spectral Method for Analysis of Inverse Algorithms for Ill-Conditional Matrices.
Other Basic Sciences / Other

0335 - Nuclear Propulsion System for Mars Mission
Development of the Conceptual Project of Nuclear Thermal Power Propulsion System (NTPP) for Space Exploration. Conducting of Fuel Testing in the IVV-2 Reactor. Development of Principles to Ensure Nuclear and Radiation Safety of NTPP...
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Extraterrestrial Exploration

0336 - Reactor for Neutron Therapy
Designing of the Specialized Small-Sized Medical Reactor for Neutron- and Neutron-Capture Therapy
Fission Reactors / Reactor Concept

0337 - Anti-Legionellosis Vaccine
Development of Live Recombinant Vaccine Against Legionellosis
Biotechnology / Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology

0338 - Uranium Hexafluoride Reprocessing
Plasmachemical Technology Development with Processing Uranium Hexfluoride into Uranium Oxides for Long Storage and Fluorine Regeneration as Unaqueous Hydrogen Fluoride.
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment