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0472 - Oil and Gas Explosive Perforators
Investigation of Explosions as Applied to Drilling and Opening of Oil and Gas Well for Creation and Improvement of Some Types of Perforation Apparatus.
Non-Nuclear Energy / Fuel Conversion

0473 - Pumps for Space Control Systems
Design and Manufacturing of Loop Heat Pipes and Capillary Pumps for Advanced Thermal Control System of Space Apparatus.
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Spacecraft Trajectories and Mechanics

0474 - Holographic Distrometry
Holographic Distrometry. Holographic Methods and Means for Measurement of Small Particles Parameters in High-speed Two-phase Flows
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

0475 - Cancer Diagnostics by Laser
Laser-Based Complex for Early Diagnostics of Malignancies.
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

0476 - Earthquake EM-Pulse Propagation
Modeling of Radiopulse Propagation for Environmental Monitoring.
Information and Communications / Sensors and Signal Processing

0477 - Proton Irradiated Targets
Spallation Experiments with Cylindrical Targets Irradiated by Medium-Energy Protons.
Fission Reactors / Nuclear and Other Technical Data

0478 - Heat Insulating Material
Development of Formulation and Pilot Technology for Production of Noncombustible Heat Insulating Material
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0479 - Hydroacoustic Protection of NPP
Development of Physical and Circuit-engineering Principles for the Construction of a Universal Hydroacoustic System Protecting NPP Water Area Perimeters and Water Intakes, Oil-loading Terminals, Oil and Gas Production Off-shore Platforms, Ports...
Fission Reactors / Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding

0481 - Hadron Calorimeter for ATLAS
Design, Construction and Tests of Modules for the End-cap Hadron Calorimeter of Atlas Facility.
Physics / Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics

0483 - Nanoceramics for Fuel Cell
Development of New Technologies for Generation of Nanoceramics Al2 O3, TiO2, ZrO2 for Mandrels and High Temperature Fuel Cell.
Non-Nuclear Energy / Electric Power Production

0484 - Block-Modulus Monitoring System
Block-Modulus Multifunctional Automated System of Environmental Monitoring.
Environment / Monitoring and Instrumentation

0485 - Ground Aerospace Vehicles Testing
Development of Superhigh Pressure and Temperature Power System for Gasdynamic Investigation.
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0486 - First Wall Materials
Investigation of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Perspective Structural Materials for the First Wall of the Thermonuclear Reactor after the exposure of Ion Beams, Plasma Radiation of Laser Range and Dynamic Loads Modeling the Plasma Attack...
Physics / Structural Mechanics

0487 - Self-Quenching Pulse Reactor
Development and Computational-Experimental Validation of the Concept of Self-Quenching Multi-channel Pulse Graphite Reactor (MIGR) for the Studies on Nuclear Reactor Safety.
Fission Reactors / Reactor Concept

0488 - Ocean Measuring Devices
Elaboration of New Class of Oceanographic Optical-electronic Devices for the precise Measurements of Fine Structure of the Hydrophysical and Hydrochemical Ocean Fields.
Environment / Water Pollution and Control

0489 - Universal Laser Control Device
Universal Laser Diagnostic Device to Control Heterophase Processes "in situ".
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

0490 - Lightning Study by Electrons
Study of Lightning Governed by Relativistic Runaway Electrons.
Physics / Other

0491 - Neutron Protein Indicator
Development and Computational-Experimental Validation of Activation Concept for Neutron Express-Indicator of Protein Content of Grain and Grain Products
Instrumentation / Measuring Instruments

0492 - Plasma Trap Neutron Source
Neutron Source Based on Plasma Gas Dynamic trap: the Key Elements.
Physics / Plasma Physics

0493 - High- Speed Impact
The Physics of High-speed Impact in Methods of Solar System's Exploration.
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Astronomy