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0119 - Biotech for Oil Cleaning
Development of technology for the elimination of environmental oil pollution.
Environment / Remediation and Decontamination

0120 - Recombinant Vaccines
Development of recombinant vaccine preparates.
Medicine / Vaccines

0120-2 - Recombinant Vaccines
Development of Recombinant Vaccine Preparates
Medicine / Vaccines

0121 - Krypton Calorimeter
The design and construction of a cryostat and vacuum windows for a large liquid Krypton calorimeter for use in high energy physics experiments.
Instrumentation / Detection Devices

0123 - Cardiac and Antitumor Drugs
Synthesis and study of properties of cardiac and antitumor drugs using the methods developed at producing weapons of mass destruction.
Medicine / Drug Discovery

0124 - Chemical Explosions
Initiation and development of chemical (chain and thermal) explosions in reactors and energy-producing apparatus.
Fission Reactors / Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding

0125 - Medicines for Heart Disease
Development of potential medical preparations for treatment of hyper beta-lipoproteinemia atherosclerosis and heart disease.
Biotechnology / Biochemistry

0126 - Coal Gasification
Development of the coal extraction waste and coal cleaning processing and utilization of sub-standard coals by gasification.
Non-Nuclear Energy / Fuels

0127 - Drugs Synthesis for AIDS
Perspective in synthesis of new pharmaceutical compounds based on phosphilipids and nucleosides, possessing anti-HIV and immunoadjuvant activity, and investigation of their interaction with cellular membranes.
Biotechnology / Biochemistry

0128 - Turbulent/Laminar Flow
Experimental investigation of transition of supersonic boundary layers relevant to high speed air transportation.
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0130 - Superconducting Films
Ion synthesis of high temperature superconducting films.
Materials / Materials Synthesis and Processing

0132 - Vaccine for Hepatitis-A
Organization of production of inactivated vaccine against Hepatitis-A.
Medicine / Vaccines

0133 - Measles Vaccine
Technical specification for production of a live measles vaccine for oral administration.
Biotechnology / Industrial Biotechnology

0134 - Transmutation in Fast Reactors
Experimental and calculation investigation to validate the concept of the reactor technology with ultimate neutronics and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.
Fission Reactors / Modelling

0136 - Fluorine Substituted Phosphates
Synthesis and evaluation of a-fluorine substituted derivatives of phosphonic acids as analogs for natural phosphates and phosphonates.
Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

0138-2 - Resonator Gyroscope
Optimization of Characteristics of Low-cost Hemispherical Resonator for small, Commercial Navigation Systems
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0138 - Resonator Gyroscope
Low-cost hemispherical resonator for small, commercial navigation systems.
Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation / Aeronautics

0139 - Synchrotron Radiation for Concave Surface
The use of whispering gallery effect for steering of synchrotron radiation beam and testing of supersmooth concave surfaces.
Physics / Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics

0142 - Laser Monitoring for Pipelines
Development of Laser Technology for Environmental Monitoring in Gas and Product Pipeline Areas and Energy Saving of Gas and Oil Products.
Physics / Optics and Lasers

0143 - Slag Melting for Radioactive Waste
Development of process induction slag melting of radioactive waste.
Environment / Radioactive Waste Treatment