Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to describe, organize, oversee and control the various processes of a project.

The Project Management course examines the new business models created and implemented in the science and technology sphere. It investigates their impact and consequences on the day-to-day organisation of these sectors.

The Project Management course consists of a study book and computer multimedia program (CD-ROM) that can be used on the learner’s personal computer as well as on the automatic “DOTSENT” system for remote training, allowing entries to the training software to be made from any location that is equipped and which has access to computer networks. The course contains seven parts with interactive lectures and tests.

• Definition of project management
• Life circle and project structure
• Organizational structure of project management
• Functional areas of project management
• Project management process
• Project development management
• Project realization management

As a result the learner will:
• Increase understanding of a range of concepts and models of project management
• Receive important conceptual tools necessary for understanding and influencing change in organizations
• Know methods of effective project management
• Know transition features of project management
• Use methods of organizational project formation and create organizational structures of project management
• Administrate project development and project realization on subject areas
• Discover process groups and types of management for further analysis of the effectiveness of the business process
• Choose means of business improvement and adapt the business process to the Workflow technology requirements
• Develop a project plan, form the structure of the project and administrate project resources
• Use modern control methods for project realization, analyze intermediate project results and forecast its further realization
• Develop an effective system of project realization